Rock Pop Live: "Running Free" + "Remember Tomorrow" 1980
(3 Sat, German TV, 5-) 7min.
Beatclub, Bremen, Germany 11/01/81
(German TV, 3+) 33min.
Forum, Milano, Italy 30/3/81
(Italian TV, 3+) 30min. NTSC
Palasport, Bologna, Italy (1st show with Bruce, incomplete but good) 26/10/81
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3++) 24min.
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK (good quality) 20/3/82
(TV Broadbast, UK TV, 4+) 62min.
Tocata, Spain (playback show+interview+clips) 1983
(Tocata, Spanish TV, 3) 22min.
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 6/9/83
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 111min.
ZDF Festival, Dortmund, Germany 18/12/83
(ZDF, German TV, 4+/-) 32min.
Rock In Rio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1985
(TV Broadcast, Brazilian TV, 4) 90min.
Eisstadion Liebenau, Graz, Austria 15/9/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 3) 80min.
City Hall, Sheffield, England 15/10/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, weak colours, 3-) 100min.
Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 14/11/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, Massecam, 3+) 32min.
Gothenburg, Scandinavium, Sweden (filmed from both sides of hall by 1CAM, good sound) 15/11/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 15min.
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (good view, bit silent sound during whole gig) 28/11/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 91min.
Cascais Hall, Lisbon, Italy 5/12/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 27min.
Palasport, Firenze, Italy 17/12/86
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 28min.
Troy, New York, USA 11/1/87
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 95min.
Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 13/1/87
(PRO shot, 4,) 70min. NTSC
Mapleleaf Garden, Toronto, CA (some cam obstructions, but good) 20/3/87
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 95min.
Madison Sqaure Garden, NY, USA 2/4/87
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3-) 85min.
L´amours Club, Brooklyn, NY, USA (secret gig!, bit bad quality) 8/5/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3-) 37min.
Forum, Montreal, USA 17/5/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3-) 25min.
Civic Centre, Poughkeepsie 6/7/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 55min.
R.P.I. Fieldhouse, USA (1st song only) 16/7/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 2min.
Hollywood Sportatorium, Miami, USA (better quality vers.) 5/8/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 105min.
Autodrome, Donington, England (mostly filmed from megascreen, good quality) 20/8/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 127min.
Arena Spettacoli, Modena, Italy (Bit far away from stage, good sound) 10/9/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 33min.
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (Excellent, huge green line on top of screen) 26/9/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 90min.
Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 1/10/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 95min.
Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway (Lot of heads/hands sometimes, cuts, but fine) 3/10/88
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 15min.
Sports Palace, Barcelona, Spain 21/10/90
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 3--) 84min.
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (Filmed from floor, some heads) 1/10/90 or 1/11/90
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 100min.
Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden (good sound, only some shakings sometimes) 10/11/90
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 89min.
Rudi Sellmeyer Halle, Munich, Germany 3/12/90
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 105min.
Limburghal, Genk, Belgium (Filmed from floor, bit poor colours) 20/12/90
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3-) 97min.
Dallas, Texas 16/2/91
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-, NTSC) 100min.
Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA (without bad clips) 25/3/91 or 11/03/91
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 45min.
Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA (diff. quality, longer with all the bad clips) 25/3/91 or 11/03/91
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3-) 56min.
The Ritz, New York, USA (lot of camera obstructions, sometimes jumping colours) 8/6/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 76min.
Bullring, Zaragoza, Spain 16/9/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 30min.
Sporst Palace, Mexico City, Mexico 2/10/92
(TV Broadcast, 3) 107min.
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan (close, one black line at the top of screen, bit bad sound) 2/11/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 93min.
Stadthalle, Wien, Austria (some short sound problems, but very good) 7/4/93
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 104min.
Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany (b/w, piece of screen is jumping at top of screen) 16/4/93
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 3+) 108min.
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (older copy, but good!) 17/4/93
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 107min.
Mayday Festival, Piazza S. Giovanni, Roma, Italy 1/5/93
(TV Broadcast, 4+) 11min.
Mayday Festival, Piazza S. Giovanni, Roma, Italy (2x live + intro) 1/5/93
(Raiuno, Italian TV, w/c, 4-) 14min.
(Forum) Pallatusardi, Milano, Italy 9/5/93
(Italian TV, 4-) 85min.
Zenith, Nancy, France 14/5/93
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 103min.
"Raising Hell", Pinewood Studios, UK (TV broadcast, dubbed, some diff. writings..) 1993
(NOVA, Czech TV, 5-) 100min.
Sports Hall, Sofia (complete live clips, clips and interviews) 16/10/95
(Bulgarian TV, 5-, b/w) 60min.
2x Live in "Most Wanted" - MTV 26/10/95
(Most Wanted, MTV, 5-) 9min.
LeZenith, Paris, France (b/w, really good, but some short screen jumpings in first songs) 16/11/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 105min.
Pavellon Del Real Madrid, Madrid, Spain (MOTE + Wrathchild live TV broadcast) 21/11/95
(Spanish TV, 4) 7min.
Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy (big problems in FOW song, but good!) 30/11/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 110min.
Palasport, Pordeone, Italy 2/12/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 108min.
Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria (Filmed from floor, complete, excellet!) 16/12/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 104min.
Peristeri Sports Hall, Athens, Greece 13/1/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 57min.
Palasport, Montichiari (2 songs, HCW + LOTF) 19/1/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 11min.
Palasport, Montichiari (Superb video, starts from FOTD song to end, close shot) 19/1/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 33min.
Piere´s, Fort Wayne, USA (some colour and sound problems, but fine) 28/2/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) 108min.
Graspop Festival, Dessel, Belgium 30/6/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 81min.
Monsters Of Rock, Sao Paulo, Brazil 24/8/96
(TV Broadcast, 3+) 73min.
Monumental Theatre, Santiago, Chile 29/8/96
(Rock and POP, Argentina TV, 4) 97min. NTSC
Le Zenith, Nancy, France (Very close, starts with gig ticket shown) 27/4/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 118min.
Palasport, Genova, Italy (Some camera shakings, but very good, less colours) 29/4/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 5-) 118min.
Palavobis, Milano, Italy 5/5/98
(Bootleg 2CAM, 4-) 123min.
Palasport, Trieste, Italy (3 place Mix, good, only few obstructions) 6/5/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 110min.
Zenit, Paris, France 12/5/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 123min.
Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland (Lot of CAM obstructions during Clansman, but awesome!) 14/5/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 126min.
Brixton Academy, London, UK (Filmed from balcony, good!, 3 songs without picture) 16/5/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 123min.
L´Agora, Quebec City, Canada 5/7/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 42min.
Jaahalli, Helsinki, Finland (Filmed from right side, not zooming, but excellent!) 23/9/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 119min.
Pab. Principe Felipe, Zaragoza 8/10/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 24min.
Skol Rock Festival, Curitiba, Brazil 6/12/98
(TV Broadcast, MTV Brazil, 4-) 107min.
Harbour Stadium, St. John, Canada (filmed from right side, good!, Incl. "Stranger..") 11/7/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 105min.
Molson Centre Amphitheatre, Montreal, CA 13/7/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 107min.
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, USA 16/7/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, Mono, 3-) 88min.
Massey Hall, Toronto, USA 20/7/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 90min. NTSC
Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wichita, USA (Bruces incident with one fan, Very good!) 23/7/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 95min.
Omnisport De Bercy, Paris, France (Filmed from left side, close, good!) 9/9/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 100min.
Gothenburg, Scandinavium, Sweden (Filmed from seat and floor, some heads and bad shots) 18/9/99
(Bootleg 2CAM, 4-) 100min.
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 20/9/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 100min. NTSC
Forum, Milan, Italy 23/9/99
(Bootleg 2CAM, b/w, 3) 100min.
Olympic Palace, Barcelona, Spain (amateur cameraman, far away from stage, but good) 25/9/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 60min.
La Cubierta Bullring, Madrid (Good, not many zooms, but close) 26/9/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 101min.
La Cubierta Bullring, Madrid 26/9/99
(TV broadcast, first 3 songs, 4+) 11min.
Peristers Stadium, Athens, Greece 1/10/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 89min.
Peristers Stadium, Athens, Greece 1/10/99
(Pro shoot 1CAM, 3++) 15min. NTSC
Les Artefacts Festival, Strasbourg, France (Copy from MASTER, super!) 2/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5+) 110min.
Dynamo Festival, Nijmegen, Holland (5 live songs + promo videos) 3/6/00
(TV Broadcast, 5) 40min.
Paegas Arena, Prague, Czech Republic (the MASTER version, 1st vers.) 5/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM., 4) 41min.
Amphitheatre, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (Copy from MASTER camera tape I think!!) 6/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 17min.
Amphitheatre, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (the MASTER version, 1st vers.) 6/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5+) 71min.
Amphitheatre, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (Complete show, good, only some cuttings) 6/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 106min.
Monza, Milano, Italy (no zooming, rotated screen at the end, but ok) 10/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 110min.
Palais Omnisport de Bercy, Paris, France (Filmed from the left side of the audience) 14/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3++) 111min.
Katowice, Poland (start filmed from the floor, later filmed from seat, Wrathchild missing) 20/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 105min.
Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland 6/7/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 113min.
Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 27/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 34min.
Pabellon St.Jordi, Barcelona, Spain (Soundboard recording, first 3 tracks) 23/7/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 19min.
Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada 1/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 113min.
Molson Centre, Montreal, Canada 2/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 113min.
Madison Square Garden, NY, USA (screen jumps in few songs) 5/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 110min.
Cumberland County Civic, Portland, USA (2 cams, professional work, very good!) 9/8/00
(Bootleg 2CAM, 4-) 110min.
Starlake Amphitheater, Pittsburg, USA 11/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 56min.
Amphitheatre, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Simply classic BNW show, good vid) 27/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 110min.
Centennial Amphitheater, Bakersfield, CA, USA (last 3 songs without sound) 15/9/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 111min.
Velez Sarsfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (bad colours-b/w, but good) 13/1/01
(TV Broadcast, w/c, 4-) 86min.
Estadio Chile, Santiago de Chile (TV Broadcast, good!) 15/1/01
(TV Broadcast, 4) 115min.
Brixton Academy, London, England (TV Broadcast, good!) 21/3/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 52min.
Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germany 6/6/03
(TV Broadcast, WDR, 5) 120min.
Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germany ("Summer Festival Weekend" 8/2003 edition) 6/6/03
(TV Broadcast, MTV, 5) 27min.
T-Mobile Arena, Prague, Czech Republic (MASTER version) 22/10/03
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 101min.
Filaforum, Milano, Italy (MASTER copy) 27/10/03
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 103min.
Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland (MASTER copy) 30/10/03
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 100min.
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (TT, CIPWM, Rainmaker, FOTD, TNOTB) 24/11/03
(TV Broadcast, Hells Kitchen, VIVA, 5) 24min.
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany (10 tr., broadcast 2006) 24/11/03
(TV Broadcast, Overdrive, VIVA, 5) 55min.
Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germany (2-3 songs missing) 13/6/05
(WDR, German TV, 5-) 75min.

Bruce/Samson: Birmingham, UK (far away from stage, filmed from floor, but good) 7/2/80
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3++) 50min. NTSC
Bruce: Town & Country Club, LA, USA (AKA. "Dive!Dive!Live!" official video) 14/8/90
(Official video, 5-) 90min.
Bruce: acoustic show (2 songs) and short interview 1994
(Roxy Bar, Italian TV, 4-) 15min. NTSC
Bruce: Perfect Strangers (in studio with Dream Theater) 1994
(Official, 4-) 30sec.
Bruce: acoustic show (2x) + Interview w/ Girl (Mad colours+some lines on screen) 1995
(Power 30, Ari. TV, 3) 15min.
Bruce: Live Music Hall, Germany (+ Bruce´s short comment + interview fans) 1996
(Metalla, VIVA, 4+) 3min.
Bruce: FNAC, Paris - acoustic show (3x) (Very decent quality, very close!) 26/6/96
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 15min.
Bruce: acoustic show (2x) and Interview with crazy fan 1996
(Roxy Bar, Italian TV, 4-) 15min.
Bruce: Rockferendum Festival, Spain - singin "Johnny B. Goode" 1996
(Bootleg 1 CAM, 4) 14min.
Bruce: Sauget, ILL, USA 27/9/97
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 83min. NTSC
Bruce: acoustic show (1x) + interview w/ Roy Z + promo 1997
(Bang Up Rock, Japan TV, w/c, 4-) 17min.
Bruce: Live Music Hall, Koln, Germany + Bruce interview backstage 1998
(Metalla, VIVA, 5-) 15min.
Bruce: singing two songs live with Angra in Paris (Very close, very funny, good quality!) 16/1/99
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 8min.
Bruce: Vinhedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1999
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 4-) 100min.
Blaze: Wacken, Germany (3 first songs, filmed from pit) 5/8/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 13min.
Blaze & Doro + Seven: Abaton, Prague, CR (complete event, MASTER copy) 18/3/04
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 78min. (Blaze 38 min.)
Janick/Gillan: Spain (TV show) Playback performance on stage 1982
(Spanish TV, 3-) 9min.
DiAnno/Battlezone: 3x playback concert in studio 1987
(???, Spanish TV, w/c, 3) 14min.
DiAnno/Battlezone: 2x playback concert in studio (same as above but cut) 1987
(???, Spanish TV, 3) 6min.
DiAnno: Live at the Palace
(Official, 5-) 60min.
DiAnno/Killers: Marquee Club, London, UK 19/5/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) ??min.
DiAnno/Killers: Montreal, Canada 24/10/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) ??min.
DiAnno/Killers: Aschaffenburg, Germany 25/10/94
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 23min.
DiAnno/Killers: Firenze, Italy 21/4/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3) ??min.
DiAnno/Killers: Hamburg (various clips, PRO shoot)
(Rock Hard Video, 4+) 11min.
DiAnno/Killers: Firenze, Italy 21/4/95
(Bootleg 1CAM, w/c, 3+) 46min.
DiAnno: Rock Festival, Recife, Brazil 1/11/97
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 39min.
DiAnno: Finspong, Sweden (Paul has voice problem, last gig of the tour) 22/11/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 40min.
DiAnno: Wacken Festival, Germany (Two clips of Maiden songs played) 4/8/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 4min.
DiAnno: Wacken Festival, Germany 4/8/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 24min.
DiAnno: Barutana, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Complete show + after show meeting) 29/3/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 77min.
DiAnno: Barutana, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Incomplete, filmed from various sides of venue) 30/3/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 18min.
DiAnno: Barutana, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Complete show, copy from MASTER) 30/3/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 72min.
DiAnno/Children Of The Damned: Palavobis, Milan, Italy 23/6/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 3+) 9min.
DiAnno: Unplugged London, UK 30/11/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 29min.
DiAnno: Unplugged London, UK (closer CAM source) 30/11/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 25min.
DiAnno: N.E.C. Pavillion, Birmingham, UK (UNPLUGGED) 23/3/03
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 23min.
Nicko/Trust: Live in Satory Saal, Cologne, Germany 5/6/82
(TV Broadcast, 5-) 88min.

IRON MAIDEN interviews/documents:

20th Century box - Marquee, London Steve/Paul (+interview fans and Neal Kay) 17/8/80
(20th Century box, UK TV, b/w, 3+) 24min.
Old Grey Whistle Test: TV hitparade (playing live clip "Transylvania" in background) 1981
(???, UK TV, 3) 5min.
Top Of The Pops: Women In Uniform 1981
(TOTP, UK TV, w/c) 3min.
Signing records in Zig Zag Records, Brooklyn, New York music store 1981
(Bootleg 1CAM, b/w, 3+) 30min.

Tiswas announcement: band singing song with one french guy 1982
(Tiswas, UKTV, 4-) 1min.
Tiswas: Steve/Clive/Bruce+Run To The Hills promo 1982
(Tiswas, UKTV, 4-) 9min.
New Music, Canada - Steve/Bruce interview + live clips 25/06/82
(New Music, Canada, 3+) 4min.
Countdown: Number Of The Beast (live) (mostly b/w) 1982
(Countdown, Australian TV, 2-) 4min.
Generation 80s (2 live songs) (bad colours) 1982
(TV, w/c, 3) 9min.
The Number Of The Beast promo (without monster clips) 1982
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3+) 4min.

San Antonio interview SH/BD +live (same as "HELLO TEXAS" but shorter) 1983
(Hello Texas, Swedish TV, 3+) 4min.
Hello Texas: Interview BD/SH + live clips 27/7/83
(Hello Texas, TV, b/w, 3-) 11min.
The Trooper promo (without actor clips) 1983
(Headbagers Ball, MTV, 3+) 4min.

Special Katowice: document (Interviews band/crew, live clips..) 14/8/84 1984
(???, Polish TV, 4-) 18min.
Special Poland: document (5x live + wedding party) 8/84
(???, Polish TV, 3+) 31min.
Special: Hammersmith Odeon 84 (interview Bruce/fans+live) 1984
(UK TV) 6min.
Sweden 84: Bruce interview + live clips 1984
(Barnjournalem, Swedish TV, 3+) 3min.
Koln 84: Bruce interview + clips ("2 Minutes"+"Aces High" without actor clips!) 15/10/84
(Schuler Express, German TV, 2++) 9min.
Tour report, Montreal: Bruce interview 1984
(???, Canadian TV, 2+) 5min.
2 Minutes To Midnight (promo, without movie clips) 1984
(Blah Blah Metal, MCM, French TV, 5-) 7min.
2 Minutes To Midnight (promo, without movie clips) 1984
(Music Box, w/c, 3-) 3min.
Freeze Frame: Bruce interview + various clips 30/11/84
(Freeze Frame, UK TV, 3-) 16min.
Canada: Bruce interview 1984
(Much Music Power, US TV, 3+) 11min.
Sydney, Countdown: "Aces High" live in studio (played on playback!) 1984?
(Countdown, Australian TV, 3-) 5min.
New Music Report, Toronto: Bruce interview (+ platinum award, some clips) 1984
("City TV New Music", Canadian TV, 3-) 5min.
Tocata, Spain: 2x live '83 + Interview Bruce '85 1985
(Spanish TV, 3-) 22min.
Kerrang! 100th Party in UK: B/D/S interview + other bands 1985
(MTV, 4+) 6min.
Rock In Rio 85: Steve interview + liveclips Brazil 1985
(???, Brazilian TV, 2+) 5min.
Rock In Rio 85: A/D/N clip + Whitesnake 11/1/85
(???, TV, b/w, 3-) 2min.
Rock In Rio 85: Steve interview + clips 11/1/85
(Much Music, Canada, w/c, 3-) 5min.
Music Box: Interview Steve about tour 09/85
(???, 3+) 2min.
Capitol Platinum sales report - band message to fans 1985
(Much Music, Canada, 3+) 1min.
Sky Traxx: Interview Steve/Dave by Mick Wall/Amanda Reddington + promos 11/10/85
(Sky Traxx, UK TV, 4-) 34min.
Sydney: Nicko/Bruce (interview in studio + NOTB promo clip) 5/85
(Sydney Sounds, Australian TV, 3+) 10min.
Sydney: Nicko/Bruce (interview in studio + without promo) 5/85
(Sydney Sounds, Australian TV, 4+) 5min.
Sydney: Bruce interviewed in studio by 5 guys 1985
(Sydney After Dark, Australian TV, 4-) 8min.

Good Rockin´ Tonite: Bruce interview UK + Running Free (live promo) 1/86
(Good Rockin´ Tonite, UK TV, b/w, 3-) 9min.
Jims Fix - Hammersmith Odeon 86 (live+interviews, backstage) 1986
(Jims Fix, b/w, 3-) 7min.
P.I.T., Bochum: music TV show ("Wasted Years" played on playback) 1986
(P.I.T., German TV, 3-) 4min.
SKY: Mick Wall interview w/ all band 7/9/86
(SKY, b/w, 3+) 14min.
Quartarete 2: Nicko/Bruce interview in studio + some promos 28/9/86 or 8/9/86
(Videomusic, Italian TV, w/c, 3) 25min.
Les enfants du Rock: Paris (2 playback live songs, WY and RTTH) 10/11/86 or 11/11/86
(??, French TV, 3) 9min.
Arlanda, Airport (signing records on airport) Stockholm, Sweden 15/11/86
(bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 15min.
Videospielt: Bruce interview 1986
(NOR TV, w/c, 3+) 2min.
Videospielt: Bruce´s interview in Oslo + SIASL promo 16/11/86
(Videospielet, TV Norway, 3+) 7min.
Special Norway - Bruce, Interview+clips 11/86
(???, 3+) 7min.
Wasted Years promo (without Eddie clips) 1986
(Hedbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 4min.
Sky Channel, Toronto: Bruce interview 1987
(Sky Channel, 3) 2min.
Sky Channel, Toronto: Bruce/Nicko interview + promos 1987
(Sky Channel, 3) 8min.
Entertainment USA: Steve/Bruce + live 1987
(TV, b/w, 4) 3min.
Tokyo Tower - Bowling (Band interview, WY promo clip) 14/5/87
(Japan TV, 4, NTSC) 20min.
Germany: Steve interview about Maiden 6/87
(Tele 5, German TV, w/c, 3+) 7min.
12 Wasted Years preview (various clips from video 12WY) 1987
(Sky Trax, Sky Channel UK, 3+) 5min.
Running Free book (review and competition on thr book, Mick Wall) 1987
(Sky Channel UK, 4) 1min.

7th Son Of A 7th Son - promo video 1988
(???, 5-) 14min
Sky Trax: "7th Son" talked review by Mick Wall in studio 1988
(Sky Channel, UK V, 4-) 1min
Sky: Football game + interview Bruce 1988
(Sky, UK TV, 4-) 1min.
Rock File News: Interview Steve about album 3/88
(Rock File, SUPER, UK TV 3+) 1min.
Roxy File: Interview Steve/Dave in Munchen 1988
(Roxy File, UK TV, w/c, 2) 1min.
Special Munchen: lunch party + interview all + promo (By Mick Wall, dubbed) 1988
(Videomusic, Italian TV, 4-) 23min.
Munchen: Steve/Dave interview 1988
(TV, MTV, b/w, 3-) 6min.
Video Reporter: IM Special (promos, dubbed interview all in Munchen) 1988
(Video Reporter, TMC, b/w, 3) 30min.
Adrian/Steve about album (same, longer) + CIPWM + NOTB promos, by Mick Wall 1988
(Sky, UK TV, 4) 15min.
Adrian/Steve about album (shorter, cutted?) + NOTB promo, by Mick Wall 1988
(Sky, UK TV, 3) 12min.
German MOR report: Adrian talks about alcohol and problems by gigs + clips 1988
(TV, 4) 1min.
Arena HM Special: Steve about hearing 1988
(UK TV, 4) 1min.
Arena HM Special: Bruce about stage show 1988
(UK TV, 4) 2min.
Arena HM Special: Bruce about stage outfits 1988
(UK TV, 4) 2min.
Arena HM Special: Bruce about drugs 1988
(UK TV, 4) 2min.
M. Hammer MOR Special: SH/BD interview + live clips Donington 1988
(MTV, 5) 15min.
M. Hammer: Bruce presents compet. winners + Clairvoyant promo 1988
(???, UK TV, 3) 13min.
AEK Stadium, Greece: Interview Bruce + live Greece 13/9/88
(1CAM, TV?, b/w, 3-) 9min.
Sooty show: Nicko playing drums in morning show 1988
(???, UK TV, 4+) 7min.
30th Anniversary Marquee Club: Bruces talking about qualitys of Marquee 1988
(Super, UK TV, 3+) 1min.
Legends On Film: interview Steve (at home with Steve + clips) 1989
(Hard & Heavy Vol.5, 4-) 5min.
Legends On Film: Steve+clips (same as above, Italian language) 1988
(???, 3-) 4min.
Super Channel: interview Bruce + clip (RTTH live) 04/88
(News, Super Channel, 4+) 3min.
Bruce in Germany interview 1988
(Metropolis, Swedish TV, 3+) 4min.
Much Music: Bruce/Dave interview in studio + promos 1988
(Much Music, US TV, b/w, 3) 16min.
Good Rockin´ Tonite: Bruce interview + clips 1988
(Good Rockin Tonite, TV, b/w, 5-) 8min.
Maiden Going Mad (cool band comedy in Capitol/EMI, USA) 1988
(Sky Channel Canada, 3+) 3min.
NEWS: Bruce Interviewed by girl (+TETMD promo clip) 1988
(Rockstop, Finish TV, 3+) 6min.
Stockholm: Bruce interviewed by kid (+SIASL promo clip) 1988
(Barnjournalem, Swedish TV, 3+) 4min.
Stockholm: Adrian interviewed by a woman + clips 1988
(TV Scandinavia, 4+) 9min.
Bruce short talks + CIPWM promo 1989
(Hard N Heavy Vol.1, 5) 5min.
Bruce: telling one dirty joke in studio and one on a party 1989
(UK?, 5) 3min.
Power Hour: Steve/Adrian interview 1989
(Sky Channel, UK TV, 4) 1min.
Maiden England info: short Bruces message + "I.D." promo 11/1989
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 6min.

Holy Smoke (promo) 1990
(Official, 5) 4min.
Brit Awards: Bruce and Eddie giving award to UK band 1990
(MTV, 4+) 1min.
Metal XS - NPFTD special (Interview SH/BD/Martin Birch + promos) 1990
(Metal XS, UK official video, 3) 18min.
NO TV: Bruce interview (+ Holy Smoke single clips) 1990
(NO TV, Finnish TV) 4min.
At Horse and Cart: all band + 4 promos (NPFTD promofilm) 1990
(Nordic, Swedish TV, 5) 33min.
Bruce's message + Holy Smoke (promo) 1990
(Rage, 4-) 4min.
Special IM: Live + soccer + promos + interview SH/BD/all (dubbed) 1990
(???, 1, Italian TV, 4) 7min.
News At Night: "New Guitarist" Inter. Bruce about solo tour (wearing leather jacket) 28/2/90
(News, MTV UK, 3+) 1min.
Milton Keynes, UK: Holy Smokers secret gig (live clips+interview all) 19/9/90
(Special, 1colour, 4+) 9min.
News At Night: "New Guitarist" Inter. Bruce (red hat) + clip 10/10/90
(News, MTV UK, 3+) 2min.
Saga Du Rock - IM Special (10 clips, inter. w/Bruce + all band in Steves pub, dubbed Italian) 10/90
(Italian TV, 3) 14min.
News At Night: "On Tour" about coming tour, Inter. Bruce (red cap) 15/10/90
(News, MTV UK, 3+) 1min.
Road Reports - Cambridge + Sheffield (Cambridge ends with 2 Minutes... live!) 1990
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 21min.
Road Report - Cambridge, UK (interviews SH/NmcB/JG/crew, ends with Wrathchild) 8/10/90
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3) 10min.
Tailgunner (live-promo) 1990
(Virus, VIVA2, 4+) 5min.
Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter (live-promo) 1990
(Virus, VIVA2, 4+) 6min.
Notte Rock: Live UK + Interview Bruce/Janick 1990
(Notte Rock, Italian TV, 4-) 5min.
Much Music: "Maiden Holland" Special (document, live+football+interviews) 1990
(Much Music, US TV, 4+, NTSC) 36min.
L'uragano Iron Maiden: Live + interview Bruce/Janick 29/10/90
(Rock Cafe, RAIDUE, Italian TV, 4-) 2min.
"NPOTR 90/91" Japan Special: All band+live+football 1990
(??, Japan, 3+) 42min.
Top: Bruce interview (dubbed) + Holy Smoke promo 11/90
(Top, Italian TV, 4) 6min.
Villalux: IM Document - Interview in bar + promos 3/11/90
(Villalux, Holland TV, w/c, 3-) 6min.
Metal Head3 - IM Special from Bremen, Germany (interview all + live clips) 7/12/90
(Metal Head 3 video, 5-) 11min.
Heavy Metal Rockumentary: talked story with Maiden/WASP clips 1991
(MTV, 4) 3min.
Montreal: Band message from backstage after gig 1991
(The Brits, Canadian TV, 3) 1min.
Sooty Show: Nicko playing drums with some puppets in 1988 (different version) 1991(?)
(Sooty Show, UK TV, 4+) 4min.
2x live Roskilde Festival 29/6/91, Denmark + Bruce's interv. after show 1991
(Swedish TV, 4+) 12min.

FOTD official Promo film (clips, interviews) 1992
(OFFICIAL, 4+) 15min.
MTV NEWS: "Maiden´s Fear Of The Dark" - short inter. w Bruce/Vanessa on party 1992
(NEWS, MTV, 4) 3min.
Vanessa & Bruce/Steve/Dracula at FOTD release party, Tailgunner promo 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 12min.
FOTD Release party: Nicko/Bruce interview + clips 1992
(Denmark TV, 3+) 6min.
FOTD Special: Interviews on FOTD party, FOTD special promo film 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 23min.
Fear Of The Dark (album commercial) 1992
(MTV, 3+) 30sec.
Be Quick Or Be Dead (promo) 1992
(Official, 5) 4min.
Be Quick Or Be Dead (promo) 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 3min.
Be Quick Or Be Dead (promo) 1992
(Rhytmick, Slovak TV, 5) 3min.
Howard Johnson talks about Eddie + Eddie clips 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 2min.
Nicko on stage with The Almighty in UK TV show 3/92
(M.H. Hard Rock Club, Super Channel, 4+) 1min.
Helt Okej: Steve interview + BQOBD promo 28/4/92
(ZTV, Swedish TV, 4+) 9min.
Mote Med: Steve/Nicko interv. + promos FHTE, WIU, CHOTD, CIPWM, BQOBD 1992
(Norway TV, 4+) 30min.
XPO: Bruce interview 5/92
(XPO, MTV, 4-) 1min.
Bruce short interview (taken from FOTD promofilm) 10/5/92
(MTV, XPO, 4) 1min.
NEWS: Bruce about his book 1992
(MTV NEWS, MTV, 4+) 30sec.
Sony Music TV: Bruce/Janick + various clips 1992
(Sony Music TV, Japan TV, 4-) 30min.
Special Japan: clips from FOTD party, few promos + interview w/ Dave/Janick 30/5/92
(Nippon TV or Japan TV, 4-) 15min.
From L.A. To Eternity - interviews+live Irvine Meadows+promos (Bruce/Nicko) 1992
(Doc. Heavy & Mr. Hard, MCM, 3-) 28min.
Metal Express: History (Interview in France, photos, promos) 1992
(Metal Express, M6, 5-) 20min.
MOR Donington Special (only Maiden - live, interviews) 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 34min.
MTVs Most Wanted: BQOBD promo + competition + Bruce online 10/7/92
(Most Wanted, MTV, 3+) 15min.
Brussels: Meet and greet party after Maiden show 18/8/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, very dark, 4) 9min.
Stockholm: Bruce + promos + live Stockholm 29/8/92 1992
(Diezel, SWE TV, 5) 13min.
MTV News: Donington 22/8/92 report (many bands + interview + Maiden clips) 1992
(NEWS, MTV, 5-) 4min.
Maiden At Donington: live clips + interview Jan/Nicko 9/92
(Metal Express, M6, French TV, 4-) 10min.
Iron Maiden Special - Donington document and other bands interviews 1992
(Metal Hammer Video Magazine, 5+) 60min.
From Here To Eternity (promo) 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 4min.
Ikvall R. Aschberg: B/D/J in crazy studio, crazy interview 1992
(TV3, SWE TV, 5) 33min.
New Zealand: Bruce interview 8/10/92
(TVFM, New Zealand, 3+) 3min.
Tonight, New Zealand: Bruce interview (+info about Bruces books, W.L. and BQOBD promos) 19/10/92
(Nightline (?), TV, 4-) 5min.
Live In Studio, Argentina 3 songs (playback)+ interv. Bruce on stage 1992
(TV Acata, Spanish TV, 3+) 16min.
Dave+Bruce+Fans interviews + interview with Blaze + IM competition 1992
(Metal Hammer Club, Super Channel, UK, 5-) 6min.
Steve+Nicko+Bruce about FOTD album + BQOBD promo clip 1992
(Idol talk, MH Super Channel, 5-) 6min.
Making Of From Here To Eternity video+interview with whole band (dubbed) 1992
(PREMIERA, Czech TV, 4-)
Making Of FHTE video + band interview + promo 1992
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 10min.
Making Of FHTE video + band interview 1992
(XPO, MTV, 5) 7min.
Making Of FHTE video + Bruces interview - different 1992
(S TV, TV Acata, Spanish TV, 3+) 3min.
M.O.R. Barcelona live reports + interviews (various bands) 1992
(C33, Spanish TV, 4-) 8min.
Top Album: Steve/Bruce interview + FHTE promo 9/92
(Top Album, Spanish TV, 4+) 10min.
Velodromo De Anoeta, San Sebastian: Bruce inter. + backstage + live + promos 17/9/92
(???, TV, 4) 8min.
Janick/Dave Argentina interview + Holy Smoke clip (dubbed) 1992
(TV Acata, Spanish TV, 3+) 2min.
Bruce: Argentina interview in Studio in front of crazy crowd 1992
(TV Acata, Spanish TV, 3+) 5min.

Iron Maiden v Ostrave - document (live clips, interviews with band/crew) 5/4/93
(TSO, Czech TV, 4+) 30min.
Making Of From Here To Eternity video + interview all 13/4/93
(Janaray Rock Show, STV1, Slovak TV, 4+) 6min.
Informations about show in Slovakia + FHTE promo 1993
(Janaray Rock Show, STV1, Slovak TV, b/w, 5) 4min.
Bratislava 6.4.93 - pressconference 11/5/93
(Janaray Rock Show, STV1, Slovak TV, 5) 9min.
Hallowed Be Thy Name - live (promo) 1993
(Friday Rock Show, VH1, 5) 7min.
Vanessa talks about Bruces departure + TM promo 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 6min.
Fear Of The Dark - live (promo) 1993
(Rhytmick, STV2, Slovak TV, 5) 3min.
A Real Live One With Iron Maiden (Interviews in Portugal, rehearsals, promos) 28/3/93
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3+) 89min.
JAPAN TV Special: Bruce/Steve about leaving + live clips 1993
(Japan TV, 4-) 20min.
Commercial: Live Donington + A Real Dead One albums 1993
(Italian TV, 4) 1min.
Nickos interview in Portugal + 2MTM (Raising Hell) + HBTN (promo) 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3) 16min.
Vanessa wishing well to IM with their new singer 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 30sec.
Headbangers Ball Magazine - commercial feat. IM pictures 1993
(MTV, 5) 30sec.
Agenda: Bruce about fencing 1993
(Agenda, Super Channel, 5-) 4min.
Pinewood Studios, London: Steve/Janick/Bruce (+special footage about stage) 1993
(Headbagers Ball, MTV, 4+) 17min.
News: Doro announce Blaze as a new IM singer + promos 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 7min.
Nicko/Bruce giving Kerrang awards 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 30sec.
Janick and Bruce at Motley Crue party 1994
(MTV, 5) 1min.
Janick at Motley Crue party (very short clip) 1994
(MTV, 4+) 1min.

THE X FACTOR 1995-96
X Factor info + SH/DM talk about IM history on table + MOTE promo 1995
(Blah Blah Metal, MCM, French TV, 5) 5min.
Kerrang Awards: winner Steve in category "Creativity" june 1995
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 20sec.
Nicko In Milwaukee-Metalmania outside interviewed by Vanessa 29/7/95
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 4min.
Steve in pub interv. (Metalmania 95) + FHTE video 1995
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 7min.
Commercial: The X Factor album info 1995
(MTV UK, 4+) 30sec.
Man On The Edge (promo) 1995
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 5min.
Man On The Edge (Masada version, complete) 1995
(Official FC video, b/w, 5) 4+min.
Musique Plus, Canada: DM/BB at X Factor party + MOTE, BQOBD promos 8/95
(Solidrok, 4) 22min.
Sao Paulo pressconference: Dave/Blaze interview 7/8/95
(1CAM PRVT, 4) 17min.
X Factor release event, London (speaked mostly by Nicko + S, B, J and clips from event) 31/8/95
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 7min.
Steve/Janick at X Factor release party 1995
(MTV, 5-) 6min.
NEWS: "Blaze Factor" - Blaze at X Factor release party 1995
(NEWS, MTV, 4-) 1min.
Janick and exclusive MOTE preview from X Factor party 4/9/95
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 1min.
Jerusalem: 28/9/95 Gig report + S/B interview (1st show of tour) 1995
(ZTV, SWE TV, 3) 4min.
MTV X Factour Special - Johannesburg (live + interview all) 15/10/95
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 32min.
X Factor Info Steve/Blaze from pressconference, fans and live show clips (dubbed) 1995
(VTV, Slovak TV, 3++) 2min.
Special Slovakia (all except Nicko, 2x live Zilina) 1995
(Teenage, VTV, Slovak TV, 4-) 18min.
"Iron Maiden v Praze" - document (live Prague + interview Steve) (dubbed) 1995
(PREMIERA, Czech TV, 4+) 18min.
SPRAVY: Prague 1995 Info (info about band/fans + day clips) 1995
(Televizní Noviny, TV NOVA, Czech TV, 4-) 2min.
Prague 1995 Live clips + interviews with security about their work 1995
(CT1, Czech TV, 4-) 5min.
Interview Steve in Prague - during "Hallowed" Doninton promo (dubbed) 1995
(??, Czech TV, 4) 7min.
Special Warsawa: Live Poland, football match, many interviews with all 1995
(2, Polish TV, 5-) 11min.
Sweden: Steve/Blaze interview + promos 1995
(ZTV, Swedish TV, 5-) 4min.
Steve about Heavy Metal + other bands clips 1995
(Swedish TV, 4) 4min.
Jirky: Steve/Blaze + live Helsinki 95 1995
(Jirky, MTV3, 4+) 4min.
The X Factor advert + french gig info 1995
(MCM, French TV, 4) 30sec.
The X Factor album advert 1995
(Italian TV, 5) 1min.
The X Factor album advert 1995
(MTV, 5) 30sec.
Rock Legend: IM special (many promos, Dave/Steve/moderator about Maiden) 1995
(MCM, French TV, 4-) 53min.
Steve/Dave about early daze sitting on billiard table in Steves house 1995
(MCM, French TV, 4+) 4min.
Top Of The Pops UK: Man On The Edge (Live in studio) 9/95
(Top Of The Pops, UK TV, 4+) 5min.
Top Of The Pops Masada: Man On The Edge (Live in Israel) 5/10/95
(Top Of The Pops, Israel TV, 4-) 5min.
Hungary: Dave interview (dubbed) + live Hungary 95 clips 20/10/95
(Top Music, Hungarian TV, 3) 20min.
Good Vibration: IM Special Lunch Party special (interviews+ event clips) 1995
(Tele +3, Italian TV, B/W, 4) 22min.
Noisy Mothers: Steve/Blaze interview, live, promos 13/10/95
(Noisy Mothers, UK TV, 3) 11min.
Zona Mito: Speaked bio+clips (R.F. live 85, RTTH live 85, Tailgunner, CIPWM, BQOBD) 1995
(??, 3+) 22min.
Koln, Germany 1995 Special-Janick/Blaze interview + live (dubbed) 12/11/95
(Bravo TV, RTL2, German TV, 4-) 4min.
Pabellon Ifagra, Granada: 2 live tracks + fans interviews 24/11/95
(Albotote, TV, b/w, 5-) 4min.
EKAT: live Athens 13/1/96, interview Nicko 1996
(EKAT, Greek TV, 3) 3min.
Interview Nicko in Acireale (rare, never broadcasted) 16/1/96
(PRI video, Acireale, 4-) 2min.
Blaze at the Fear Factory album release party 1996
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 1min.
Montreal: Steve/Blaze bar interview (+ 3x live + RTTH live, NOTB, MOTE, SIASL promos) 9/2/96
(Solid Rok, Canadian TV, 4) 25min.
Toronto: Steve/Blaze interview + live clips 11/2/96
(Canadian TV, 4+) 5min.
South America gig report + SH/BB/NmcB interv., live clips + MOR 96 info 1995
(Argent, Spanish TV, 4-) 3min.
Argentina gig report + inter. SH/DM in hotel room, live clips, BB/NmcB message 1995
(Much Music, 4-) 10min.
NEWS: Santiago gig report: Heroes Del Silencio/Maiden (live + interviews) 1996
(Rock & Pop, Chilean TV, 5-) 2min. NTSC
Chile 96: Document about the show + live clips + interviews 1996
(Chilean TV, 4+) 2min. NTSC
Chile 96: Pressonference + Steve/Blaze interview in city + live clips 1996
(Rock & Pop, Chilean TV, 4) 4min. NTSC
Special Acireale: Live mix shots + Dave/Nicko backstage interview 19/1/96
(Tweeter, ??? TV, 4-) 7min.
Lord Of The Flies (promo) 1996
(Metalla, VIVA, 4) 6min.
MTV NEWS: Vanessa talks about 8 gigs cancelled due to Blazes throat problems 3/96
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 30sec.
Japan Live Special 2x live (live + talk about IM in studio, short Steve message) 11/4/96
(Bang Up Rock, Japan TV, 4-) 14min.
Graspop, Belgium - Live Graspop + interview SH/BB + promo "MOTE" 30/6/96
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 9min.
Grapsop, Belgium - Interview SH/BB (other), 2 promos Wrathchild, LOTF 1996
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, other, 4-) 9min.
Virus (promo) 1996
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5-) 5min.
Virus (promo, 2nd version w/ live clips) 1996
(Metalla, VIVA, 4+) 5min.
Jirky: Steve/Blaze interview taken from BOTB promo film 1996
(Jirky, Finland TV, 4+) 5min.
BOTB Release event: Nicko interview + event clips 1996
(Swedish TV?, 4) 3min.
Best Of The Beast Video Diary from Brazil (live clips, interviews, BOTB promofilm) 24/8/96
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5-) 98min.
Metalla MOR Special Rio De Janeiro (3x live + Steve interview on chair in Rio) 25/8/96
(Metalla, VIVA, 4+) 15min.
Japan BOTB Special: BOTB promofilm (Japan. dubbing) + message from SH/BB 11/96
(Bang Up Rock, Japan TV, 3+) 28min.

Angle And The Gambler (Live Lille, France) 1998
(TV Broadcast, MCM, French TV, 4) 10min.
Angel And The Gambler (promo) 1998
(Superock, MTV, 5) 5min.
Football game Paris 11/3/98
(1CAM, Bootleg, 5-) 9min.
Friday Rock Show: Blaze/Dave interview + promos CIPWM, Virus, MOTE 13/3/98
(Friday Rock Show, VH1, 3+) 26min.
Football game Madrid (filmed from grass, incomplete) 17/3/98
(1CAM, maybe TV, 3-) 6min.
Football report Stockholm (match, interviews) 22/3/98
(ZTVNytt, Swedish TV, 4+) 6min.
Football report Stockholm (match, interviews) 1998
(TV3, SWE TV, 5) 3min.
Football game Stockholm (complete) + interviews after match 22/3/98
(1CAM, Bootleg, 4-) 43min.
Football match Italy: IM vs. Nazionale Italiana Cantanti (match + interviews) 27/3/98
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 40min.
Football match Italy, Bologna: TV report 3/98
(MTV, Italian TV, 4-) 4min.
Football match Italy: TV report 1998
(TG5, Italian TV, 4) 1min.
Futureal (promo) 1998
(Superock, MTV, 5) 4min.
Futureal (football clip version) 1998
(Official FC video, b/w, 5) 3+min.
The Ticket: Steve/Janick interview (+ promos MOTE, Virus + VXI promofilm) 1998
(The Ticket, TV, 5-) 6min.
Musikbryán: Interview SH/DM (98) + football match Sweden clips (96) 1/4/98
(Musikbryán, Swedish TV, 4-) 5min.
Sweden: Steve/Nicko interview + promos 1998
(ZTV, SWE TV, 5) 14min.
Advertisment for VXI Scandinavian tour 1998
(MTV, SWE TV, 5) 1min.
Jirky: Nicko/Blaze inter. in club + promos (BYDTTS, HBTN, TAATG, AH) + football 1998
(Jirky, Finland TV, 5-) 9min.
Lista: Nicko/Blaze interview at same club + promo 1998
(Finland TV, 5) 8min.
Jirky: Steve/Dave interview + live Helsinki 1998
(Jirky, Finland TV, 5-) 8min.
MTV: ANTG promo + short interview Blaze about M. Jackson 6/4/98
(Superock, MTV, 4+) 5min.
Football clip UK 1998
(SWE TV, 5) 1min.
Blaze + football clip 1998
(Voxpop, TV, 5) 2min.
VXI Presentation in Madrid (pressconference, all expect Janick) 1998
(1CAM, PRI, 4-) 15min.
Virtual XI Viva Special (Blaze/Jan interview + Live Rio 96 clips, LOTF promo clip) 1998
(Metalla, VIVA, 4+) 20min.
IM Special: VXI preview (interviews+clips) + football match France 1998
(Blah Blah Metal, MCM, French TV, 4-) 39min.
All band interview + ANTG live in Studio (playing without Janick!!) 1998
(??, Swedish TV, 5-) 7min.
Budapest: Steve interviewed in bar (dubbed Hungarian) 11/9/98
(ZTV, Hungarian TV, 4) 19min.
Spotkanie z... - interview Blaze/Janick + live clips (dubbed Polish) 1998
(Atomic TV, Polish TV, 4) 7min.
Magic TV: Interview Blaze on stairs + backstage + promos (dubbed) 1998
(Magic TV, Italian TV, 4) 40min.
Blaze+Steve inter. on stairs + Madrid ("Iron Maiden" live clip) (dubbed) 19/5/98
(C+, Spanish TV, 5-) 8min.
Spain: Steve/Nicko in studio + MOTE, FHTE, TAATG promos 13/9/98
(Spanish TV, 3+) 26min.
TG5: football match in Spain 3/98
(TG5, Spanish TV, 3) 1min.
Much Music: VXI Promo film (Argentinian dubbing) 1998
(Much Music, Argentina TV, 4-) 10min.
Much Music: Dave/Blaze + clips (last interview with Blaze?) 12/12/98
(Much Music, Argentina TV, 5) 7min.
Much Music: Dave/Blaze + live Buenos Aires (same as adove, but with live clips) 12/12/98
(Much Music, Argentina TV, 4+) 22min.
Much Music: 3x live Argentina + Blaze message (live: AATG, HCW, IM) 12/12/98
(LOUD, Much Music, Argentina TV, 4+) 17min.

Interviews about Ed Hunter (same as VXI French TV special, but shorter!!) 1999
(Spanish TV, 4-) 20min.
Ed Hunter VIVA Special (interview all band + promos) 1999
(Virus, VIVA, 4-) 55min.
Top 10 HM Bands - Maiden on No.1 document (interviews, clips) 1999
(Friday Rock Show, VH1, 4+) 9min.
Friday Rock Show - Adrian phone interview (clips from reunion photosession) 1999
(VH1, UK TV, 4+) 9min.
Rock Cafe: Janick/Bruce interview in Amsterdam (dubbed) 1999
(Rock Cafe, Hungary, 3+) 17min.
VH1 New York Special 1 complete (3x live NY, Interview all, promos) 16/6/99
(VH1, UK TV, 4-) 72min.
VH1 New York Special 2 other clips (Live clips and Interview clips) 1999
(VH1, UK TV, 4+) 3min.
"Intro + Aces High" (live clip for broadcast?) 1999
(3CAM PRO shoot, US?, 4+) 7min. NTSC
Wet & Wild - NY Special + promo same as the VH1 special, but more clips 1999
(The Music Factory, TMH9, Dutch TV, w/c b/w, 3+) 12min.
Rotterdam - interview Bruce + Megadeth 10/9/99 (+ NY 99 promofilm - same of VH1) 1999
(TMF9, Holland, 4+) 15min.
Advertisment for Ed Hunter Scandinavium tour 1999
(MTV, SWE TV, 5) 1min.
Jirky: Adrian/Bruce interview + live Helsinki 1999
(Jirky, Finland TV, 5) 5min.
Stockholm: Nicko/Bruce funny interview in club 1999
(TV3 Live, SWE TV, 5) 6min.
Stockholm: Steve/Bruce interview 1999
(ZTVNytt, SWE TV, 5) 2min.
2 Reports before Barcelona show 25/9/99 + live clips 1999
(News, TV1 & TV3, Spanish TV, 3+) 1min.

AS/DM/BD interview in hotel room + short promos 20/3/00
(ZTVNytt, SWE TV, 5) 2min.
Voxpop: Dave/Bruce in hotel room interview 22/3/00
(Voxpop, SWE TV, 5) 1min.
MCM: Int. Steve/Janick, live Bercy 99, promos 2000
(MCM, French TV, b/w, 3+) 3min.
Sen Kvall med Luuk: Bruce interview in studio + short promos 2000
(TV4, SWE TV, 5) 9min.
Special France: old clips+bio+SH/BD/JG interview + Live USA 1992 5/2000
(Arté, French TV, 3+) 5min.
Bruce Interview in NL + short promo clips (dubbed) 5/2000
(Jirky, MTV3, 5-) 4min.
4U: IM spoken info about upcoming Italian gig + Wicker Man promo 25/5/00
(4U, TMC2, Italian TV, 5) 7min.
The Wicker Man (EMI USA - promo) (Different lyrics) 2000
(EMI promo, 5, NTSC) 5min.
The Wicker Man (EMI Promo-documentary Video) (same as video o Metal-Is CD!) 2000
(Official, Spanish import, 5-) 17min.
Top Of The Pops: Wicker Man (live+short interview on stage) 2000
(TOTP, RTL2, German TV, 5-) 5min.
Top Of The Pops: Wicker Man (live in studio, different) 20/5/00
(TOTP, UK TV, 4+) 5min.
The Wicker Man single TV advert 2000
(MTV, SWE TV, 4-) 1min.
Brave New World album TV advert 2000
(MTV, SWE TV, 4-) 1min.
Advertisement for BNW Scandinavium tour 2000
(MTV, SWE TV, 4-) 1min.
Roskilde & other festivals: Roskilde 2000 TV advert 2000
(MTV, 5) 1min.
Commercial: advert on BNW album release 2000
(???, French TV, 4+) 10sec.
Commercial: advert for 6/6/00 gig in Slovakia 2000
(Markiza, Slovak TV, 5-) 20sec.
IM in Banska Bystrica - Special (backstage + live + pressconference + WM promo) 6/6/00
(Deka, Markiza, Slovak TV, 5) 18min.
BNW Special: Interview SH/BD + The Wicker Man promo + various clips 8/6/00
(2 Rock, Viva 2, 5-) 10min.
Football game Issy-les-Moulineaux Paris (+ Interview Steve) 14/6/00
(TF1, French TV, 4+) 5min.
The Wicker Man song (1x live Bercy) 14/6//00
(MCM, French TV, 5-) 3min.
Roskilde Special (2x live + Interview BD/JG) 29/6/00
(2 Rock, VIVA, German TV, b/w, 3+) 20min.
Surfing: Monza live 5x + interview all band (dubbed) 4/7/00+28/8/00
(TMC2, Italian TV, 5) 29min.
Metal 2000 German tour TV advert 2000
(VIVA2, German TV, 5) 1min.
Ruisrock Festival report: live clips + Bruce interview backstage 2000
(Finland TV, 5) 6min.
Sen kväll med Luuk: Bruce interview in studio 30/3 or 1/4/00
(Sen kväll med Luuk, TV4, Swedish TV, 4-) 9min.
FC Convention, London, UK (Convention, HI ON Maiden live w/Nicko) 17/6/00
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 35min.
Earls Court special (live UK + interview JG/DM/AS) 2000
(Friday Rock Show, VH-1, 5-) 5min.
MAD TV: The Wicker Man (1x live Athens 10/11/2000) 2000
(MAD TV, Greek TV, 4+) 5min.
ET3: Ghost Of The Navigator (1x live Athens 10/11/2000) 2000
(ET3, Greek TV, 3) 5min.
Jammin Special: Inter. BD/AS/DM, 3 promos, 1x Athens 99, 3x Earls Court 21/6/00
(ET3, Greek TV, 4-) 30min.
Metropol Live: AS/DM/JG interview + meeting fans + Trooper (strange sounding promo) 2000
(Metropol Live, Norway TV, 5-) 16min.
Jukebox: BD/DM/AS cool interview from '99 + 2 promos 2000
(Jukebox, Swedish TV, 5-) 17min.
Barcelona 1: gig report - meet with fans + Wickerman (live) 7/2000
(TV3, Spanish TV, 4-) 1min.
Barcelona 2: gig report "Instit de Supervivencia": Wickerman (live) + fans 7/2000
(Spanish TV, 4) 3min.
MTVs Music Awards: Bruce giving the price to RHCP in Stockholm 16/11/00
(MTV, 4+) 3min.
Out Of The Silent Planet (promo) 2000
(TV Broadcast, 4+) 4min.
Furia MTV: Interv. Bruce in studio without moderator, promos, live Skol Rock (P1) 2000
(Furia, MTV Brazil, 5-, NTSC) 11min.
Furia MTV: Interv. Bruce in studio with moderators, promos, fan questions (P2) 2000
(Furia, MTV Brazil, 5-, NTSC, incomplete) 15min.
MTV: Interview Bruce with teens 4/2000
(MTV Brazil, 5-, NTSC) ??min.
Bruce interview in VH1 studio + promos (BQOBD, TOTD, TM) 26/10/01
(Friday Rock Show, VH-1, 5 but screen jumps) 20min.
FC Convention: Nachtleben, Frankfurt 8/11/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 157min.
FC Convention: Poppodium Plato, Helmond 9/11/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 120min.
FC Convention: Madrid 15/11/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 72min.
FC Convention: Motoclub, Faro, Spain 17-18/11/01
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4+) 47min.

MaidenStory: BOTB promofilm, clips, interv. BD/JG/band 87, RTTH live Rio 20/3/02
(MCM, French TV, 5) 50min.
Run To The Hills (live Rio) promo 2002
(??, TV Broadcast, 4+) 4min.
Run To The Hills (live Rio) promo 2002
(??, German TV, 4-) 4min.
Source: Bruce, October in studio interview + metal clips 10/6/02
(Source, MTV, 5) 25min.

GIVE ME ED... 2003
Rock Im Park, Rock Am Ring commercial (but without Maiden!!) 11/5/03
(MTV, German TV, 5) 30sec.
NEWS: Markus Kavka speaks about Maiden (nothing more) 7/6/03
(NEWS, MTV, German TV, 5) 1min.
Run To The Hills (live Rock Am Ring 6/6/03) 8/6/03
(Rock Weekend, MTV, German TV, 5) 4min.
Roskilde: interview Steve + live clips 27/6/03 2003
(MTV, 5) 2min.
Interview Janick/Adrian about Croatian gig + "RTTH" live promo 2003
(HRC 1, 4) 2min.

DANCE OF DEATH 2003-2004
OCKO: "Iron Maiden Day" (not all promos, talked infos and competitions) 21/10/03
(OCKO, Czech TV, 5-) 94min.
OCKO: "Iron Maiden Day" (complete version) 21/10/03
(OCKO, Czech TV, 5) 134min.
Madhouse: Bruce interview in Prague 22/10/03 (+ Gold award, 3 promos) 23/10/03
(Madhouse, OCKO, Czech TV, 4) 21min.
Wildest Dreams (promo) 10/03
(OCKO, Czech TV, 5) 4min.
TV Charts: "Wildest Dreams" promo and other bands TV advert 2003
(OCKO, Czech TV, 5) 1min.
Advertisement for DOD German tour 2003
(Viva Plus, German TV, 4) 1min.
MTV EMA: Superstars - RHCP (RHCP profile + Bruce appears in some scenes) 1/1/04
(MTV, German TV, 5) 1min.
Showtime!: IM in Brazil (Pressconference/Bruce + interview fans) 28/1/04
(Showtime!, Markiza, Slovak TV, 5) 1min.
Rainmaker (promo) 2/5/04
(XXL, STV1, Slovak TV, 5) 4min.
No More Lies (promo) 2004
(VIVA, German TV, 5-) 8min.
Tracks: IM Story + Bruce Air to Paris 2/04
(Tracks, Arte, 5) 8min.

Rock Am Ring special p1 (live Motley Crue, Slayer + discussion about IM + live clip) 15/6/05
(Rockzone, MTV, German TV, 5) 75min.

Madhouse: "TROBB" promo + RTTH book competition 25/8/06
(Madhouse, OCKO, Czech TV, 5) 4min.
Meduza/Showbiz: "AMOLAD" on #1 in CZ charts 15/9/06
(Meduza, CT2, Czech TV, 5) 2min.
VIKEND: Document about Heavy Metal (clips, sound) 20/11/06
(Vikend, TV NOVA, Czech TV, 5) 7min.

EX-MEMBERS interviews/documents:
Adrian/ASAP: Interview Adrian about album in studio + "SAG" promo clip 1990
(??, TV, 4) 6min.
Adrian/The Untouchables: Big Trouble (live in UK studio) 1992
(Super Channel, UK TV, 3) 2min.
Bruce: Rock For Armenia (making of the song, many musicians) 1990
(Hard & Heavy Vol.5, 5) 3min.
Bruce: All The Young Dudes (promo) 1990
(CDR, ?? TV, 3) 2min.
Special Bruce Dickinson: Solo interview, 2 promos and some Maiden stuff 29/10/90
(HARD, Italia 1, Italian TV, (dubbed), 4-) 8min.
Bruce: Paradise Club "Rock n Roll Roulette" (TV movie feat. Bruce, UK) 1990
(TV movie series, 4-) 50min.
Bruce: Musique Plus - interview Canada + promos 1990
(Solid Rok, Much Music, Canadian TV, 4+) 40min.
Bruce: crazy Donington Interview w/ Vanessa 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3-) 4min.
Bruce: Tears Of The Dragon video making, full document (dubbed to Czech) 1994
(CT1, Czech TV, 4-) 15min.
Bruce: Tears Of The Dragon video making, shorter (dubbed to English) 1994
(MTV, 5) 7min.
Bruce: Tears Of The Dragon video making, complete (dubbed to English) 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 5) 17min.
Bruce: Tears Of The Dragon (promo) 10/03
(Madhouse, OCKO, Czech TV, 4-) 5min.
Bruce: at Foundations Forum + TOTD (promo) 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 17min.
Bruce: Ray Cocker interview about fencing + 2x live unplugged 1994
(Ray Cocker show, MTV, 3+) ???min.
Bruce: Balls To Picasso TV advert 1994
(MTV, 4) 30sec.
Bruce: All The Young Dudes (promo) 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3+) 4min.
Bruce: Shoot All The Clowns (promo) 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 5min.
Bruce: Interviewing Sepultura In Donington + promos Sepultura 1994
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, w/c, 3+) 3min.
Bruce: Interview w/beer at Metalmania + Shoot all the Clowns clip 1996
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4-) 9min.
Bruce: Manstressat Caballe Tribute special (info, short Bruces clips) 1996?
(A3, Spanish TV, 4+) 2min.
Bruce/Ales Brichta: Promoting new album in Prague (short cool interview) 1996
(ESO, TV NOVA, Czech TV, 4+) 1min.
Bruce: Skunkworks VIVA Special (Interview + promos, special of making the clip "Inertia") 1996
(Metalla, VIVA, 5-) 40min.
Bruce: "BD och Skunkworks" Interview in Sweden + BFTE promo 1996
(ZTV Nytt, Swedish TV, 5) 3min.
Bruce: Interview + unplugged in morning program, Czech Republic 1996
(Snidane na CT2, CT2, Czech TV, 4+) 13min.
Bruce: Car racing report + interview 1996
(News, MTV, 5) 2min.
Bruce: Road To Hell (promo) 1997
(Metalla, VIVA, 4-) 5min.
Bruce: Delilah (Live in studio in UK TV program) 1996
(Last Chance Lottery, BBC, UK TV, b/w, 4) 5min.
Bruce: Accident Of Birth (promo) 1997
(Metalla, VIVA, 4-) 5min.
Bruce: Space Cadets (feat. Bruce, UK TV fun programme) 1997
(Space Cadets, BBC, w/c b/w, 3+) 25min.
Bruce: Never Mind The Buzzcocks 1 (feat. Bruce, UK TV fun programme) 1997
(NMTB, BBC, UK TV, w/c b/w, 3+) 25min.
Bruce: Never Mind The Buzzcocks 2 (feat. Bruce, UK TV fun programme) 1997
(NMTB, BBC, UK TV, w/c b/w, 3+) 25min.
Bruce: Metalla Recapitulation (one short funny interview and one short message) 1998
(VIRUS/Metalla, VIVA, German TV, 5-) 1min.
Bruce: Interview in studio + Tower, Killing Floor promos 10/98
(Jirky, Finnish TV, 5) 13min.
Bruce: Killing Floor (promo) 1998
(Virus, VIVA, 5-) 5min.
Bruce: The Tower (promo) 1998
(Virus, VIVA, 5-) 5min.
Bruce: Much Music special - only promos 1998
(Much Music Toronto, CA TV, 4-) 23min.
Bruce: Road To Hell (live promo, live Sao Paulo) 1999
(???, b/w, 4) 5min.
Bruce: Interview in studio about "Best Of" album + Chemical Wedding promo 8/01
(???, Finnish TV, 4) 13min.
Bruce/Smear Campaign/Mr.Bean: I Want To Be Elected (promo + Mr.Bean's comedy) 1993
(Official, 5+) 13min.
Bruce/Samson: Biceps Of Steel (2 promos) 1980
(Official, 5+) 15min.
Janick/Gillan: Tiswas Interview without Janick + promo clip with "Nightmare" 1981
(Tiswas, UK TV, 3+) 8min.
Blaze: Wolfsbane promo ("Shakin" clip preview +interview all band) 1990
(Hard & Heavy Vol.5, 4+) 4min.
Blaze: Wolfsbane promo ("I Like It Hot") 1990
(VH1, 5-) 3min.
Blaze: Wolfsbane promo ("End Of The Century") 1990
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 4min.
Blaze: Wolfsbane promo ("Ezy") 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 4min.
Blaze: Wolfsbane: live Marquee 20/2/93 + inter. Blaze + incomplete promo "EZY" 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3) 5+min.
Blaze: Tommy Vance interview + 2 promos 2002
(Music First, VH1, 4) 15min.
Blaze: interview in TV studio in Prague + 3 promos (MOTE, Virus, Launch) 4/04
(Inbox, OČKO, Czech TV, 5-) 30min.
DiAnno: Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Pressconference, soundcheck, backstage, city walk) 29-30/3/02
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5) 110min.
John Shearers talk drums: Nicko interview and show clips 06/07/91
(London, UK, TV, 4-) 7min.
Nicko playing with members of Metallica in Miami, FL, USA 14/3/92
(PRO shoot, 3+) 3min.
Nicko about drum clinic at Pinewood Studios + short clips from his ROTB video 1993
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 3) 5min.
Nicko: Rhythms Of The Beast (official, drum clinic) 1990
(Official, 4+) 92min.
Nicko at Superdrumming w/ various musicians (2 songs live in studio) 1981
(3sat, TV, 3-) 8min.
Psycho Motel: Psycho Motel (promo) 1996
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4+) 5min.
Stars N Aid: VIDEO (Dave/Adrian playing solo, +many other bands) 1986
(Official, 4-) 18min.


Iron Maiden Revival: Frenstat, Czech Republic 1998
(Bootleg 1CAM, Bad lights, 4+) 85min.
Iron Maiden Revival: Kozlovice, Czech Republic 1999
(Bootleg 1CAM, 5-) 80min.
Iron Maiden Revival: Live 99 promo video (4songs) 1999
(Official promo video, 5+) 21min.
Sodom/Rage: The Trooper (live Zeche Carl) 1994
(Official video, 5) 6min.
Atom Seed: Rebel (promo, Chris Dale on bass) 1990
(Headbangers Ball, MTV, 4) 3min.
Helloween: The Time Of The Oath (promo, has Bruces ´97 tourdates shown at start!) 1997
(Metalla, VIVA, 4-) 3min.
Metallica: Prowler (live Hartford, USA) 16/4/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4-) 3min.
Metallica: Prowler (live Frisco, USA) 10/5/92
(Bootleg 1CAM, 4) 2min.
"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead": TV movie feat. scene with Eddie poster 1991
(STV1, Slovak TV, 5) 30sec.
Teenage Dirtbag (promo, showing some Maiden stuff in it) 2001
(Deka, Markiza, Slovak TV, 5) 4min.
Arakain - Live (Czech band, playing song where they sing about Maiden in chorus!) 1996
(Official, 5) 5min.
"Dead Man Walking": TV movie feat. scene with Eddie POM tattoo 1995
(ZDF, 5) 1min.
News: "The Trooper" Eddie painting on wall in jail 199?
(??? TV, 5-) 30sec.
Marilyn Manson: shot where is he wearing NOTB Tshirt in backstage arena 1998
(Dead To The World - official, 5) 30sec.
DEKA: Road To Stockholm (the moderator is wearing Brave New World jacket, that´s all) 2/12/00
(Deka TV, Markiza, Slovak TV, 5) 3min.
"Entrapment": TV movie feat. Virtual XI poster in 1scene (S. Connery, C.Z.Jones) 1999
(Markiza, Slovak TV, 5) 2min.
Sum 41: The Hell Song (promo, used Eddie figure in clip) 6/2003
(Rockzone, MTV, German TV, 5) 3min.
"Slavici na Ulici": one guy is singing in studio dressed in Piece Of Mind tshirt 1/2001
(Slavici na Ulici, Markiza, Slovak TV, 5-) 2min.
Jackass: Steve-O mentions IM as his favourite band 18/5/03
(Jackass, MTV, German TV, 5) 2min.
Jackass: crazy scene featuring "Sun And Steel" song in background 3/8/03
(Jackass, MTV, German TV, 5) 1min.
DISMISSED, Us Folgen (St.6, Folge37): Scene feat. "Wicker Man" music 22/1/04
(Dismissed, MTV, German TV, 5) 1min.
MADE: "Dancer" - scene feat. "Wicker Man" song in background 8/5/04
(Made, MTV, German TV, 5) 30sec.
"Jung, Sexy Sucht" - moderator wears Maidens BOTB tshirt 6/11/05
(Jung Sexy Sucht, VIVA, German TV, 5-) 1min.
Slavia Vs. Sparta Praha hockey match (Eddie image on hockey helm shown!) 22/3/04
(CT1, Czech TV, 5) 1min.
"Nebezpecná štvanice": movie TV advert (FOI song played in background) 8/6/04
(NOVA, Czech TV, 5) 30sec.
Creepshow: "The Trooper" poster on the wall 198?
(Original, 4+) 30sec.
Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (TV movie, dubbed Czech) 1990
(Original, 5+) 90min.
Braveheart (aka. Clansman) (Mel Gibson, TV movie) (dubbed Czech) 1998
(Original, 5+) 150min.